How Do I keep Diecast Toy Cars Maintained

Before I give my answer regarding that question I would like to get some other facts into the  equation.  First let’s deal with an often asked question, will I make money with my hobby of   collecting diecast cars toys? The answer  is probably not in the monetary sense.  Over the years you  might just get really blessed and find a real valuable treasure that becomes extremely scarce and  creates a windfall that puts a little extra money into your child’s college fund but that will be the  exception.

The truth is most collectors have a different goal in mind once they started  collecting diecast toy cars  it was for that shear fun of it and not simply because they thought it might make them a lot  of money in the future.  If your goal is to have it as an investment that is going to take care of you  for the future, then you need to look elsewhere like stocks, real estate or the gold market.

The investment of your time and money regarding toy diecast cars   I believe pays off with the biggest  dividend of all, in that it’s an ointment of pure joy which brings healing to the inner child in all of  us.  They tell us that those who have a pet have an average life expansion of  5 years.  Only God  knows the healing that joy brings to our heart.  It is said that a merry heart does good like a  medicine to the bones.  I know this, you can have all the money in the world but you can’t buy  happiness or health.  Therefore anything that brings you joy is priceless.  Collector’s all over the  world have found this joy and it is one of the roads to happiness.  You may ask me where do I begin my  journey of collecting, where should I go, what should I buy?  The simple answer to this is buy what  you are passionate about and what fancy’s your soul in other words buy what you like.   I know of one  great site that’s a must visit and has the largest diecast cars selection of all The-Diecast site which is a good place to start.  It is there you can find one of my diecast  favorites the beautiful 1934 Bugatti Type 59 Diecast Model Red 1/18 with it’s detailed engine  compartment and it is exquisite interior and exterior, a must see to truly appreciate.

These online stores are always good to review but also have a blast checking out flea markets and  garage sales  where you will have the fun of finding some real treasures of diecast cars to add to  your collection.

Finally we come to the answer of how do I maintain my Collection? Please don’t be like some others who  never take  their cars out of the box but instead puts them away thinking  I might get rich off of  them someday. Get rich today, start enjoying that treasure now by putting them out on your coffee  table, shelf or desk and have your reward of joy by playing with them from time to time. Remember that  kid inside of you is crying out to have fun . If you are not going to enjoy life now then when?   Regarding yourself and the gift of joy that is in front of you it is time to say “Kids Rule”,  Yes you  do!   With that said if you have not started your collection yet, go have some fun and consider the largest selection available on the internet today at   a great place to start.


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